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Tizoc (1957)

Pedro Infante y Maria Felix

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So the trending tag today on twitter is #womenagainstfeminism

I would like to start off by saying everyone has their right to believe what they want to believe and be apart or not be a part of something. However when it’s clear how wrong and uneducated someone is on said topic to the point of outright ridicule!?! I don’t understand.

It’s honestly so sad that these women believe in nasty stereotypes of what feminism is.

Feminism does not mean you hate men, want to kill men or never want to get married or have a boyfriend. It doesn’t mean you don’t shave or wear a bra. Feminists come in all types of women and people of gender and sexuality.

And I wanted to highlight the top image in this photo set because it perfectly illustrates the white female privilege also involved in the rejection of feminism. This woman will never and has never experienced the shit that other women white and of color may have experienced. And because of that she doesn’t believe real issues exist and that women who do have them are just whining or playing a victim.

It’s just sad and awful. And there’s so much more I can say but this honestly speaks for it self A LOT.

You be the judge. You have a brain and are capable of making your own personal judgements of right and wrong. So is this right?

"for ugly girls who rather have rights than a husband" oh yes… penis > human rights. 

brb setting stuff on fire

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